Huge sizes with high strength
This high strength model is probably the strongest huge parasol available on the market today.
Superior Quality
The strength of the construction, made from a chunky *100mm Ø aluminium pole, which makes this a truly peerless parasol, ideal for use all year round. It can be used in hardest weather conditions and has been tested to Beaufort 8. Large spokes and support struts ensure that strength is maintained. A telescopic system allows closure over tables. The spokes are also tensioned and reinforced with galvanized steels cores for additional strength. A durable gearbox via a removable crank handle is used to open and close the canopy. *Sizes 2.5m & 3m square use a 76mm diameter pole.
Heating and Lighting
Fully integrated electric infra-red heating and LED lighting options are available. Other options available are a heater timer button and auto cut-off switch.
The membrane is made from Ferrari 302 PVC fabric, which is heat reflective, UV treated and fire resistant. Choice of around 20 colours.